Program Tours at Trainco, Inc.

No Phones, Just Learning, Listening, Preparing and Interfacing

No Phones, Just Learning, Listening, Preparing and Interfacing

(Perrysburg, Ohio) “I prefer interacting and interfacing with my peers than being on social media, yes,” exclaimed Jada Williams on a hot, summer day.

Williams high-fives fellow summer program classmate Antwan Nedd after they both successfully show their peers and the staff with them at Trainco, Inc. Truck Driving School Perrysburg Campus how to successfully secure the cargo latches with instruction from Luis Mendoza.

She’ll be entering Toledo Early College later this summer as a ninth grader; but for today, she’s being introduced to truck driving and also toured the cab.

“I didn’t know they slept in there,” was her eye-opening remark.

According to Career Builder on “Truck Driver” is the number two in-demand position across the nation. “Delivery Driver” is listed as number four where employees make a cool eighty-two thousand dollars per year. The number five spot lists “Owner-Operator Driver” of a truck similar to the one the students are touring where paychecks are seen with six-figure yearly incomes.

Enter Mr. Damon Horton Vice President at Pathway 4 Successful Leadership, Inc. the entity organizing such tours for the summer camp program.

“Just because you don’t go to college doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. There’s a lot of different avenues instead of going to a university you can still raise a family; you can still make a living; and, you can still be happy,” offered Horton during the cell phone free tour of Trainco, Inc.

The students from P4SL, Inc. are also shown the surrounding college campuses.

“We’re going on college tours and getting them interview ready so they can be ready and they know what they need to know to get into college,” stated Mrs. Mironda Harris the P4SL, Inc. summer program teacher who spends her school year teaching the seventh and eighth graders at Harvard on Toledo’s Glendale Avenue.

Not only does P4SL, Inc. provide mental health support during the school year they take the three hundred Toledo children out on educational experiences all summer. Days are spent devoid of any kind of an electronic device. Students soak in the experiences and interaction with each other instead of digesting the thousands of digital messages showcasing a false narrative that get too many wheels spinning in young minds.

“That would be the focus of their day if they had them. They’re only allowed to bring them on field trips to take pictures of their friends. That’s it. They wouldn’t talk to anybody if they had their cell phones. Their face would be down in their phone the whole time and now they’re interacting and learning,” Harris held firm on the telephone tactic.

Here the people, training, campus, careers and possible paychecks are all very real.

Plus, policy states Trainco, Inc. vocational students train without their wireless.

“Especially since Ohio just recently adopted the no hand held device while driving rule. The law impacts all drivers who may get a ticket which may result in fines and potential job opportunity loss. This makes the roads safer,” Trainco, Inc. Vice President Mike Moscinski referenced the law.

The result is camaraderie amongst the CDL candidates at the end of their twelve or fifteen day curriculum training.

Harris secured her bachelor’s from the University of Toledo and is thinking about going after her master’s degree; yet, truck driving fuels the finances of some of her family members. She wants the summer program students to feel the wheel now.

“My brother drives trucks. I have several uncles that drive trucks. It’s a good way of living,” Harris noted. “My cousin says he doesn’t feel he works a day because he feels like he’s taking trips. With this trip we’re giving them an early chance to decide if they like it or not.”

Kinese Winfrey, who works as management for P4SL, Inc. handling social media and behavioral health, is a proponent of the hands-on, interactive experience at Trainco, Inc.

“This expands their trip taking. We’ve never have been to a trucking school. This is their first experience,” Winfrey again solidified, “college isn’t for everybody. We’re seeing a lot of trade schools; and this is the number one.”

Moscinski makes known: these tours and the training are open to the entire community.

He stated, “everyday work is being done to make the roads safer for all and there are great opportunities in the industry to earn a fantastic living.”

To schedule a tour call Tammy in the office 419-837-5730.