Our Mission and History | Trainco Truck Driving Schools

Driving the trucking industry forward for over 20 years.

Trainco® was founded in 1996 by Kenneth N. Howell, an experienced truck driver with a passion to help others experience the rewards of the trucking industry – and a passion to make the industry stronger and better. Since opening the doors for our first training class, Trainco has graduated over 10,000 students and has a 90%+ placement rate.

At Trainco Truck Driving Schools, our mission is to:

  • expose our students to, and prepare them for, as many skills and as much education concerning the trucking industry as we possibly can, and
  • maintain a conducive learning environment where students can explore and thrive.

That’s another way of saying we’re here to help you become the best truck driver you can be.

If you’re unemployed, or working in a dead end job, why not become a professional truck driver?

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